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Now Kerry Rhodes Is Out Of The NFL Because He Wanted Too Much Money

Or is it because he's not really that good and doesn't actually "like" football, whatever the fuck that means? These are the latest reasons for explaining the increasingly inexplicable lack of interest in Kerry Rhodes this season.

Here's Florio:

Mike Jurecki of 910-AM in Phoenix reported Friday that Arizona actually offered Rhodes a one-year, $3 million guaranteed deal. Per Jurecki, Rhodes wanted to “roll the dice” in free agency — and only the Bengals were interested.

Another source told PFT that one team other than the Bengals contacted Rhodes in the offseason. The team in question viewed Rhodes as a player who deserved to earn a contract in the one-year minimum range, but the team learned that Rhodes wasn’t interested in playing unless his compensation was “significant.”

Yet another source said the Rhodes is “just really OK and doesn’t really like football.”


Maybe Rhodes did overestimate his value on the free agent market. Or, it could very well be that Kerry Rhodes did a cost-benefit analysis on his life and determined he did not want to play football unless he made a certain amount of money. Another possibility is that Rhodes wants to make more than the veteran minimum of $840,000 and teams did a cost-benefit analysis of their own, determining the money and the gay-rumors overwhelmed the benefit on the field.

It's going to be impossible to ever know what is actually going on, but here's one thing we do know: according to league sources a man who, just this offseason, was offered a guaranteed $3 million contract, suddenly has neither the desire nor ability to play football.

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Rhodes may have rejected offers in March, but he’s still getting no interest now [Pro Football Talk]

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