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"Nude Katy Perry" Photos And Other Things We've Been Offered Since The Favre Story

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Since the Brett Favre story has gone from salacious "internet report" to a talking point on Access Hollywood, many, many people are finding out that, yes, we do pay for stories every once in a while.


Granted, most of the time we get approached by people who want scuzz-money for their embarrassing athlete photos or dangerous information, we say "no thank you" and move along. With Favre, obviously, we didn't, and now we have more weirdos than ever peddling their tabloid wares. Here they are. Oh, and [sic'd]:

Nude Pictures Of Katy Perry Kissing Justin Bieber With A Penis In Her Mouth

hi, this is not a joke i saw your brett favre report and saw the nude pics of his penis well i have 2 topless pictures of katie perry and another with a face shot of a penis in her mouth i am trying to sell them and several no nude of katie kissing justin beiber and katie and rihanna posing fliping off the camera. please reply and let me know if interested oh! and katie's man russell brand putting a banana in his mouth like he is sucking dick that fagget. thank you.

P.S. attached photo no bull shit! [Ed. note: The photo above was the one attached. No boobs, no Bieber, no beejer. Sorry.]

Brett Favre Love Letter


I have in my possesion a handwritten note written by Brett Favre to a female. He tells her he loves her and to divorce her husband and be with him.. The note ( letter) is hand written by Favre and signed by Brett Favre and contains other details.

Are you interested in purchasing this document? If you are interested in this document please contact me at the following email and or telephone number.

[Name redacted]

Brett Favre "Show Us Your Pussy" Video

I know of a tape When Brett Favre was very young and was Judging a Hawaiian Tropics contest. In this tape , Brett Favre was yelling show us your Pus...y. TMZ wanted the tape but would not purchase it. The Gentleman with the tape is a former Brett Favre lover as many Packer Fans are. I think he would still be willing to sell it for a price. He is not willing to just give it away. This was probably 2 to 3 years after he came to Green Bay. The Tape took place in a Millwaukee Bar. If you have interest in this, give me a phone # and i will tell my friend to call you.

I am sure you can tell by my e-mail address, that it is not me that has the tape.
The gentleman that does have it , has no computer or computer skills.

Percy Harvin's Threatening Voicemails

hello my name is mr.****. i used to talk to percy harvin's baby mother a while back.he plays for the minnesota vikings.he called me on the telephone and threatened to kill me if i were to come to minnesota.i have the conversation recorded on tape.i live in virginia and the authorities down here act like they cant do anything about it.i was planning on moving to minnesota,but after he called me and threatened me,i changed my mind.i dont know what else to do.this guy is crazy.


The NFL Coach's Son


I have a couple photos that you may be interested in. The pics are of the son of an NFL head coach..who is widely known for his strict/militaristic style of leadership which has come into question many times by teammates and other pundits.

Let me know if you're interested. Just email me back w/ your phone number to discuss,


Please keep this confidential.

And More Brett Favre Lechery

I'm hoping you take this email extremely seriously because it's serious and factual. There's only one problem - If I release this information, photos, and video evidence Brett will know exactly who it came from. I would like to make it clear that I have no affiliation with the NY Jets nor have I even been affiliated with the team. I do however have first-hand accounts that can blow this story out of the water as I have played the role as 'wing-man' on more than one instance and not only in New York.

Feel free to contact me and perhaps we can work out a deal for the info, videos, and pics I have. I do have to be honest and am not 100% certain that this is something I'll want to get involved with, especially since I'm the only one this particular stuff could come from.


[Name redacted]

Obviously, we've reached out to the last individual. Stay tuned...