From Winning the Turnover Battle comes a very odd story. In fact, we're not entirely convinced that someone didn't dream it. If David Lynch had adapted the Berman "You're With Me, Leather" saga for the big screen, it might have gone something ... like ... this:

The fat kid from the upcoming movie SuperBad (AKA, Jonah Hill) is saying that OJ stole a woman from him at a nightclub in Miami. In Jonah's own words:

"All of a sudden O.J. Simpson walks by - in the nightclub. She looks at O.J., then she looks back at me and she says, 'Peace,' and then walks away and starts dancing with O.J. He's famous for killing women and their friends! That's how pathetic I am. A night with O.J. and possibly getting murdered is better than some sort of sexual experience with me."

Hey: It happens.

O.J. Is Having A Bad Week [Winning The Turnover Battle]