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Two months after trading away Coco Crisp, the Oakland A’s spent the evening at home watching him play World Series hero with a pinch-hit single to score the winning run for Cleveland. Being only human—having a social media presence maintained by humans, at least—they then exhibited the very human behavior of scrolling through Twitter to watch their old flame bask in the glow of playoff glory without them. And then they lashed out at a 90s band offering a mild critique of the team, because, oh, my god, everyone, sometimes you just get emotional at midnight on a Friday after watching an old love triumph with someone new, okay?


Response: a Marcus Semien image, because nothing says “we’re not a joke” like showing off a .238/.300/.435 hitter who ranked in baseball’s top five for errors.

Smash Mouth noted that Beaneball has increasingly looked like a series of very marginal improvements that cut cost at little added value, the A’s responded with personal attacks, Oakland relief pitcher Sean Doolittle attempted to play peacemaker, the A’s dug in their heels.


There was more, but the A’s are apparently going through a bit of a tough time right now emotionally and maybe it’s best if we just let them have their late-night social media meltdowns in peace.

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