Oakland A's: Please Stop Talking To Us About Jose Canseco

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You will no doubt be shocked to learn that former baseball player Jose Canseco, who was charged with domestic violence twice in the 1990s and pleaded no contest once (to name just a couple of his many legal issues), made a bad tweet today:

Canseco is presently tweeting through it, because why else would we ever pay attention to him? The Oakland A’s, however, released a statement that pretty much amounted to “Ugh, can you all just stop bringing this dude up? We don’t know him.”


There have been no statements yet from the Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, San Diego Surf Dawgs, Long Beach Armada, Yuma Scorpions, Worcester Tornadoes, McAllen Thunder, Fort Worth Cats, or Pittsburg Diamonds.


Update (7:19 p.m. ET): Canseco was a studio analyst for A’s broadcasts this year on the local NBC Sports network, which is probably who “our most trusted partners” is referring to in the above statement.

Update (7:58 p.m. ET): This didn’t take long.