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Oakland really really wants Lance Berkman. But they'd settle for Adam Dunn. For god's sake, please protect your eyebrows; this is HOTFUCKINGSTOVE.

•Zack Greinke might be willing to waive his no-trade clause that includes big market teams, but only if he can end up on a winner. If only the big markets had some sort of built-in advantage when it came to fielding competitive teams.


•Derek Jeter and the Yankees are getting closer, and are optimistic a deal is going to get done. We're optimistic that SHUT UP ABOUT DEREK JETER ALREADY.

•Frank Francisco and Jason Frasor were the only ranked free agents to accept arbitration. Shame. I always enjoy the annual "who the heck is Shyam Das" article.

•Need a middle infielder? Ian Desmond could be your man. Sorry if you had your heart set on Alexei Ramirez.

•The Orioles are interested in any "competent" reliever. I see they're looking to upgrade.


•Ken Rosenthal throws some shit at the wall.

•Here's a handy list of tendered and non-tendered players. What does that even mean? Who the fuck knows!

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