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Oakland's Happy Family Just Got A Little More Dysfunctional

Randy Hanson, noted coach punchee, is back working with the Raiders. Even for a historically feckless franchise, this is surprising. Let's look at the possibilities.

Hanson, the former defensive assistant, is now in the personnel department, i.e. somewhere he won't cross paths with Tom Cable. Even though no charges were filed against Cable, this is probably good for everyone's working environment. But what would possess a man to return to a team where he was told, quite emphatically with fists, that his input wasn't particularly valued?


Here are some variables.

A) Hanson still wants to work for the Raiders.
B) Hanson doesn't want to work for the Raiders.
C) He still holds a grudge.
D) He no longer holds a grudge.
E) The Raiders want him aboard.
F) The Raiders don't want him aboard.

The company line is A, D and E; everybody happy! This is unlikely.

More likely is B, C and F: he doesn't want to be there, but who can turn down a job in this economy? And Oakland heads off any potential lawsuits by keeping him in the fold.


Also possible is A, D and F; he stonewalled the cops during their investigation to keep his job, and Oakland can't very well fire someone who kept their head coach from being arrested.

Or B, D and F; he doesn't want to be there, but he's under contract and the Raiders don't want someone who knows their defensive schemes signing on elsewhere.


These choices don't preclude Hanson owning embarrassing photos of JaMarcus Russell in bed with a three-foot party sub, or the like. But this is akin to Rihanna continuing to profess her love for Chris Brown — oh.

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