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Chad Ochocinco has spent a few months of his off-season time training in boxing gyms, and now he's talking about launching a pro career. He's gone so far as to call out WBC Welterweight champion Andre Berto.

The feud began as a war of words between the two parties, only to be escalated when Ochocinco called Berto out through the press.

"So when I get in the ring and knock out (welterweight champ Andre) Berto, and people are like, 'I didn't know Chad could fight,'" he said to us, "I just told you."


Berto, a dynamic young fighter determined to be boxing's next crossover star, saw the comments and fired back with aplomb.

"I'm here to say that when his season is over, which should be before the playoffs start, I'll give him the beating of his life and show him the difference between kicking footballs and getting your ass kicked. By the time I'm done with him, he'll want to change his last name to No Mas!"

Oh yes. This absolutely needs to happen. Just think of the pay per view numbers. Who wouldn't pay $45 to watch the former Mr. Ochocinco alone in the ring with one of the sport's best young fighters. For the sake of argument let's consider the issue of the two men's weight difference.

The welterweight limit is 147 pounds, and the 6'1" Ochocinco is listed at a robust 192. It's worth noting that Paul Williams has held a 147 pound title despite standing at 6'1", although Williams is a bit of a freak. Ochocinco would have to cut out the McDonald's and get in shape for real just to get to down to the light heavyweight division.


Even if Ochocinco did come into the ring with a 25 pound weight advantage I don't think it would be long before Berto put him down for good. For those not familiar with his work, here's a little background.


Ochocinco Planning Boxing Career

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