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Ochocinco's Forebearer Is... Justin Gimelstob?

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Chad Ochocinco — né Johnson, he of no further introduction — and Justin Gimelstob, he of middling tennis stature, have more in common than what hits the eye. Actually, they really don't. But they both... like Twitter?

Also, they're both in favor of pushing the metaphorical envelope. Ochocinco did CPR on the field. He riverdanced, he Irish jigged and he chickendanced. He was fined by the NFL for asking the league not to fine him. Lest we forget, the guy literally changed his last name, reminding us how batty he is every time he slips on his jersey. Or breathes. Or tweets. And he does a lot of that. Not enough for his own liking, though, which is where @JustinGimelstob comes in.


A true trailblazer, Gimelstob came out of retirement to play in a match yesterday just to tweet-by-proxy throughout. As in the NFL, tweeting mid-match is not exactly polite in professional tennis. But if you're Machiavellian like Gimelstob or Johnson, the ends justify the means:

During his doubles match with partner Jesse Levine, Gimelstob was writing notes for a ball girl to run over to the side of the court — behind the players' chairs — where the intern for fellow American player Sam Querrey was posting them on Gimelstob's Twitter account.

Gimelstob also mouthed a few comments for the intern to post in between points. Most of them were standard play-by-play recaps.

Ah, innovation and progress in tennis, the stodgiest of sports. Who knew that Sam Querrey has an intern?

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