Odds are, the Lions and Texans have no hope

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This Lions fan is probably not wearing a paper bag over his head to be fashionable.
This Lions fan is probably not wearing a paper bag over his head to be fashionable.
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We’re months away from NFL kickoff but some fanbases should just start preparing for 2022, it seems.

The NFL schedule is out and betting lines have followed suit. For all the (ridiculous) talk of Tampa Bay or Kansas City going 16—wait… 17-0, there are two teams on the opposite end of the spectrum. According to multiple sportsbooks, the Lions and the Texans are not favored to win a single game this season.



The Texans are underdogs in every game at Westgate sportsbook, too. The Lions are technically not favored in any game, but do have even odds in a week eight pick’em against the Eagles. Trevor Lawrence and the young Jaguars are dogs in all their matchups as well… except for their two divisional games against Houston.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that these rebuilding teams are favored to lose in 2021. But with the Texans odds, specifically, Vegas is probably betting on Deshaun Watson not playing. The Houston QB has been accused of sexual misconduct by 22 women. The NFL began their own investigation into Watson in March.

Houston recently picked up veteran Tyrod Taylor, who could conceivably start on week one.

Of course, these lines can and will fluctuate. And who knows, Houston might actually be a favorite by the time the New York Jets visit Thanksgiving weekend — the betting line is currently NYJ -1. (Set your DVR now for that thriller.)


The Cleveland Browns were the last team to go winless in 2017. The Lions also went 0-16 in 2008. So, could the Lions or Texans be the first teams to go 0-17 in NFL history?

I don’t know. Maybe? But there is one definitive piece of good news here. If you’re a part of a survivor pool, you now know who to bet against.