If you care about the intricacies of where the Barry Bonds case goes from here, the Silicon Valley Mercury News posted, not very long ago, a story which states:

In the coming months, Barry Bonds' defense team will be pursuing a legal attack on his obstruction of justice conviction that many legal experts say raises credible questions about the validity of this week's jury verdict.

At the same time, prosecutors will be behind closed doors, seriously weighing whether to keep the heat on the home run king by retrying him on three perjury charges left on the table undecided by the jury.

But that picture. Man, that picture. You have the surly, ever-growing headed antagonist who has, in a flash, turned into an object upon which some place pity. He's smiling. His chest is puffed out, but relaxed, if that's even simultaneously possible.

The cameras work for the best angles of the same shot. But very few of them manage to capture โ€” as this AP photographer whose work was sent in by tipster Mitch Rupert of Bloomsburg, Pa. โ€” that guy three people in from the upper left corner. The one with the white hat that reads, "Fuck the Police." The hat that holds the whole scene together. America.


DJ Yella shed his grace on thee.

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