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Photo: Julio Cortez (AP)

Dan Snyder’s football clown show spent halftime of their Monday night meltdown loss inducting retired linebacker London Fletcher into the Ring of Honor of their miserable, far-flung hell-hole of a stadium. Fletcher spent less than half of his career in Washington and won zero playoff games, but whatever, this moribund franchise needs something to celebrate, even if the attendees scattered around the half-empty arena were, for the most part, Bears fans.

It was, in many ways, a delightfully on-character night for these bozos. They had their doors blown off by an otherwise unimpressive Bears team; the crowd politely applauding Fletcher’s induction was largely actively rooting against the home team; and the organization managed to flub the very easiest part of presenting Fletcher to the crowd on his big night:


In a mild upset, the permanent plaque commemorating Fletcher along the actual Ring of Honor appears to use the correct spelling of his last name. Maybe the person responsible for that modest success can take over for Jay Gruden when he is inevitably fired a few weeks from now.

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