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We mean not to sound overly sensitive, but we'll admit to being somewhat uncomfortable with the new ad campaign for New York's SportsNet NY, the station owned and operated by the Mets.

The campaign is called the Head Enhancement Center, and the idea is that men would enjoy their wives more if, rather than a skull that housed a brain which generated thoughts and concepts and entreaties to, we dunno, take out the garbage, we guess, they had a doctor remove their head and replace it with a television that showed Mets games. Or, to quote the campaign, "Described by some critics as 'crazy,' 'morally repugnant' and 'macabre,' Dr. Rosen's Head Enhancement Procedure is actually none of the above. It's a safe, ethical solution for women wanting to get noticed."

Far be it from us to criticize a major television network to encourage men to have their wives decapitated so that they would stop with all the, you know, talking. We mean, heck, just put a bag over it and go about your business, right?

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