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Offense Leads Defense At The Half

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For those of you who really hate baseball, golf, bowling, or anything else on TV today, ESPN is bringing you Oklahoma's spring football game today, live in its entirety. Spring football. Live on ESPN. I don't know why.

Who's watching this? I understand, if you're an Oklahoma fan, you might be excited about it. It might be nice to get an early look at your boys. But outside of hardcore Oklahoma fans, what kind of a national audience could this possibly have? I don't even think the guys at Every Day Should Be Saturday are watching this.


It's even got those crazy made-up rules, like the defense gets points for interceptions and fumble recoveries, etc. Not only are the quarterbacks wearing blue "don't hit me" jerseys, but Adrian Peterson has a blue number 28 on his jersey, and the play is whistled dead anytime someone touches him. This is so lame.

Rhett Bomar has a touchdown pass for the offense (oddly, the defense has no touchdown passes), for those of you who care. The second half is coming on, and I'm pretty psyched to not only to see 3rd- and 4th-string defensive backs, but to get Chris Spielman and Gerry DiNardo's scouting report of them.


Red-White Spring Game kicks off tomorrow on Owen Field []

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