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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

It's hard to blame the officials for occasionally losing track of things during last night's punchy 1-0 Kings win over Vancouver, a game that saw 109 total penalty minutes. It's extra-hard to blame them for penalizing Henrik Sedin for an infraction committed by Daniel Sedin—they look alike, and all.

Midway through the second, Daniel grabbed and held Drew Doughty. Some extra curriculars ensued, and when it was all sorted out, Henrik was banished to the penalty box. He had a good attitude about it, though:

Henrik Sedin, on being called for a penalty his brother committed:
Yeah, I like that though – fantasy points.


It might have been the oddest stat line of the night. That belongs to the Canucks' sparingly-used winger, Tom Sestito, who had one second of ice time—and racked up 27 penalty minutes.

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