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Officiating Roundup: Kingsley Gets A Red Card

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Poor Kingsley. Even though he has the wise foresight to wear pants, the mascot was still unceremoniously tossed from the stadium on Monday during a Premiere League soccer match in London. We for one wouldn't stand for such treatment, Kingsley! You've got a lawsuit here.

Reading mascot Kingsley — a giant lion who wears the club's blue and white hooped shirt — was sent off by the referee in their Premier League match against Newcastle United on Monday because he was confusing him. The mascot's dismissal from the side of the pitch before halftime did not appear to hurt the team's luck as they still won 1-0. It was unclear whether he would miss the next match through suspension.


Oh wait, it's a lion? Never mind.

Elsewhere in officiating this morning:

• The Cardinals' Albert Pujols was given a walk on three balls during his team's 7-1 loss to the Brewers on Monday. Jeff Suppan was pitching in the sixth when Pujols fouled off a pitch, took two balls, fouled off another, and took another ball, after which he was awarded first base by umpire Dan Iassogna. Of course in a display of instant karma, Pujols was then wiped out during a double play.

• The place is Wales, where one of the referees in a lower division soccer match is injured. Scanning the stands, someone spots 82-year-old Antony Warren, who is recruited as a substitute. Of course this ends as you thought it might, with Warren crumpling into a dusty pile like one of the defeated skeleton warriors in Jason and the Argonauts. At least we think that's what happened.

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