Hello, and welcome to the second week of the third year of the Hugh Johnson Project. You know it's a big day when Ohio State and Michigan are on television at the same time, even if they are on different channels. Beanie Wells is out for the Buckeyes, but Pam Ward is on the mic and Chris Spielman is down on the field where he can look in the players in the eyeballs. It's a veritable cornucopia of useful commentary! Join in after the jump for the first batch of submissions. Of the four teams playing on TV right now, three of them are from Ohio, so I am going to go "do as the Romans do" and masturbate in the library. BubbaCJ24 Frank Solich went from a 9-3 season at Nebraska to a .500 career at Ohio. I wouldn't be surprised if he keeps a voodoo doll of the AD who fired him under his pillow. s2nblog I'm an Ohio State fan living in Las Vegas. I don't get to see them often. So when I saw they were nationally televised I was excited. Then when the first person I heard was Pam Ward, I wasn't excited anymore. bigbadborton Sign at Gameday: "Lee Corso, the 70 year old virgin" Herbies_Wingman Ah, Ohio State v. Ohio...the semi's of the State football championship. If the buckeyes win they will be 21 pt favorites over the winner of browns/bengals. Jhar008 Ray Bentley cracked on Mike Enyon winning $172,000 after taxes in the Ohio lottery, presuming he'd be buying a lot of pizza for his friends. It's amusing how announcers have to avoid booze references. s2nblog Marshall just went up 14 on Wisconsin in Madison. Watch out Badgers, this could turn into a plane wreck! cheapvodkacolada Finally, today the 500 pound void in my life will be filled by Charlie Weis. Coach Gunt, how I've missed you so. - Chad Sexington Good to see Ohio's QB is the predator. Tom You'd think with Lou Holtz now being a member of the medical community, he could find a decent speech therapist. KILLERB66 Ohio State just gave up a touchdown to Ohio. The Boo Jackson legacy has begun. Monday Morning Punter Ed. Note: WOOOHOOOO! Tood Boeckman just gave us a priceless shot of Manning Face after an OSU wideout dropped another pass. s2nblog