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Oh, Brett, Won't You Just Let Us Into Your Heart?

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What could be a more fitting final image of Brett Favre's career as a Green Bay Packer than throwing an interception for a touchdown (to Fred Smoot, of all people) and winning anyway because of three field goals from a guy named "Dave Rayner?" OK, well, maybe lots of things — we were kind of assuming he'd do a Lambeau Leap and end up in the 15th row — but hell, pretty much everybody knows it wasn't really his last game at Lambeau anyway. Good thing, too: By all accounts, he kind of stunk.


How can we tell he's not done with us yet? Well, first off, he's Brett Favre. He was back to his old "will he or won't he?" games with the media last night, refusing to take questions after the game, which is something media types typically hate, unless they're Brett Favre. But why go out and answer the same "hey, Brett, we know this is the 47,000th time we've asked this, but, uh, so ... next year, we were wondering ..." questions when you can just ignore them and get everyone talking about you even more through the next week? It's much more fun that way. But hey: That's just what Brett Favre does, he just goes out there and lets 'er rip, Gunslinger Mentality.

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