Oh Good, Chris Berman Will Interview Barack Obama And Mitt Romney The Night Before The Election

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Americans, you've got an important decision to make on Election Day. So the last thing you probably want before you go to bed the night before is Chris Berman yelling and buffooning up your Monday Night Football. Well, good news! Berman will keep the clowning to a minimum and instead put on his serious journalist hat, and do brief interviews with both presidential candidates during the Nov. 5 game.

That's the word from SportsBusiness Journal, which reports that both the Obama and Romney campaigns have approached ESPN about popping in at halftime of Eagles-Saints. This is because lots of Joe Lunchpails watch ESPN, and talking football is a good way to seem in touch, and because NBC said no (Sunday Night Football now outdraws MNF by more than 2-1).

If you'll recall, both Obama and John McCain popped in on Berman four years ago, for a pair of interviews notable for just how little of substance was discussed. Don't expect that to change this time around:

Doria said questions this year will be similar, meaning they would remain lighter and focused on sports.

"Maybe there are some questions about the safety issue in football, which might be appropriate to that platform," Doria said. "I want to get stuff that tries to spin forward a little bit and tries to look at things that our viewers are most interested in."


Like boobs and beer and football and screamy roundtable shows and if elected, will you promise to bring back the Bud Bowl? Politics is horrible and on ESPN it is somehow made more horrible.

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