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Oh Gosh Todd, You Shouldn't Have Said That

Male cheerleaders have their place in life, we suppose. Who else can we mock mercilessly and string up by the heels from flagpoles? I mean, who else who can't fight back? We laugh at their spiffy routines and tight-fitting sweater-and-slacks combinations, occasionally one becomes President, and life goes on. But damn it, never hand one of them a microphone; you're only asking for trouble (they aren't very smart). At a pep rally for the Alamo Bowl at the Riverwalk in San Antonio last night, a male Texas A&M cheerleader made a couple of unfortunate remarks about Penn State coach Joe Paterno, with predictable results.

"Joe Paterno's on his death bed! And someone needs to find him a casket!" the unidentified yell leader screamed over a microphone, first to gasps and then thunderous boos from the Penn State fans.


Oops. Now everyone's in an uproar, and the cheerleader in question was sent home. I just saw the video, and honestly, the most offensive part was the long, unfunny story leading up to Paterno quote. What was that? Texas A&M, you have just been downgraded to a Community College.

Meanwhile, over at the PennLive message board, we have this: "On a side note, I'm just curious to how any of the PSU alumni and fans feel about the students at your school that dressed up as massacred VT students for Halloween." — AggieDoctor

Yell Leader: Find Paterno A Casket [The Wizard Of Odds]

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