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Oh Great, They're Letting 8-Year-Old Girls Fight In Muay Thai Rings Now

"Princess" Jasmine Parr and Georgina "Punch Out" Barton will do battle in Australia today. (Hell, they already may have, what with the International Date Line and all). Parr is the eight-year-old daughter of kickboxing champion John Wayne Parr; Barton the brood of some similarly irresponsible parents who decree that Muay Thai is a safe, worthy endeavor for young ladies.

While brain trauma experts yesterday expressed concern about young children participating in the contact sport, they said the benefits of exercise should be weighed against potential risks.

"I can understand where they're coming from, but we deal with the sport every day," Parr said. "They're little girls, the power behind their techniques isn't going to be life-threatening, they'll be lucky to get a bruise out of it."


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