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If it's almost November, that can only mean one thing: Time for Jeff George's annual desperate plea to come back to the NFL!


You think we're joking, but we're not.

"I follow the teams that I think need quarterbacks," George said. "I look around the league at the quarterbacks, and I wonder why I'm still not playing."

George didn't begrudge the Vikings' quarterbacks, noting that he doesn't know anything about Tarvaris Jackson. But he said he knows the Vikings are "banged up" at the position. Jackson missed Sunday's start because of a broken finger, and Holcomb, who started in Jackson's place, suffered a neck injury that could sideline him for two weeks. The Vikings would be an ideal fit, George said, because of his familiarity with the offense.

Oh, Jason Whitlock, where are you? We would like to take this moment to talk to Vikings management: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this happen. It is your destiny.

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