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Oh, PETA Is Just Getting Warmed Up With This Cockfighting Business

Two things to update you on concerning this Pedro Martinez cockfighting rigamaroll. First, here's the actual video that showed up on YouTube on Wednesday. It has since been taken down, but we and Gawker still have it. And now we switch you live to PETA headquarters, where battle lines have been formed, with artillery moved into place for the big offensive (but curiously, no cavalry). A bonus in all of this: We have discovered a site entitled The PETA Files. Yep. OK, take it away, boys.
Cockfighting is still legal in the Dominican Republic, so Pedro wasn't actually breaking any laws, but there's a reason that it's illegal in this country: It's a hideously cruel, barbaric practice that's nothing short of torture for the animals involved. The damage is done now, sadly, but we're asking Pedro Martinez and Hall of Famer Juan Marichal (who was also present at the event) to take part in our "Developing Empathy For Animals" training seminar, which Michael Vick voluntarily attended after being charged, so hopefully some good will come of it. We're also calling on the league to offer animal-sensitivity training for MLB players.

Yes, PETA is calling for commissioner Bud Selig to require all MLB players to attend animal-sensitivity training sessions. I see absolutely no way this will fail to happen. Barry Bonds: "You have to get me signed with a team, Jeff! I don't want to miss that animal seminar!" And, um, how many major leaguers are hunters? I think quite a few.

The letter can be found here. I'm with PETA in the sense that I don't see how cockfighting can be condoned as a sport. It's nothing less than torture, really. The same way I felt about middle school PE.

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