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Oh Schotty, How Can We Stay Mad At You?

Well you won't have Marty Schottenheimer to kick around any more, you ungrateful ... oh wait, sorry. Yes you will. The Chargers announced on Wednesday that their embattled head coach will be sticking around in 2007, as the organization adopts a "Let's just wait and see what happens" attitude that pleases a few, instead of a "What's Steve Mariucci's home number again?" attitude that pleases no one. At least AJ Smith may now have the leverage to make him wear a headset.

Schotty, as he will be fondly called until January 2008, when he is paraded through the Gaslamp Quarter backwards on a donkey, will serve out the remaining year on his contract. He was also offered a one-year extension for 2008 worth $4.5 million, but Scottenheimer didn't like the the $1 million buyout option, and refused. Of course, no one knows exactly what to think about this until LaDainian Tomlinson makes a statement.


Except, of course, the blogs.

Chargers NFL Fanhouse. The Chargers would have had every right in the world to fire Schottenheimer and are gambling on the fact that the coach and the players will respond to the show of faith with a renewed commitment to winning a Super Bowl next year. The hope is that that will overcome whatever postseason shortcomings exist. So, for better or worse, there it is, Chargers fans. At least one more year of Marty Schottenheimer. A.J. Smith and Dean Spanos believe in him. I'd understand if you don't.

Super Chargers. You asked for it, San Diego. Now go fuck yourselves and don't come crying to me a year from now, when you feel exactly how you felt Monday. Word on the street is that Schotty stays, but without a contract extension. Meanwhile, all the assistants will get new contracts. There you have it. Everything old is new again. Look forward to another strong regular season capped off with a cherry-colored shit. Fuck this noise.

Bolt Talk. Err, good lucky Marty. (Commenter).

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