Oh, This'll Really Reassure People That The Browns Have Turned Things Around

Robert Griffin III is a Brown. (As he was, on some level, always destined to be.) The Browns’ football people, especially head coach Hue Jackson, apparently loved what they saw from Griffin in a workout last week. A workout that was attended by shitbag owner Jimmy Haslam. We now learn, from this NFL.com story, that Haslam made the call.

So Haslam looked toward the execs and spoke three definitive words:

“Go get him,” Haslam told the group, setting off a series of negotiations that would lead to Griffin signing a two-year, $15 million with the Browns on Thursday.


At least he didn’t have to ask a homeless man this time?

The Browns have been a mess longer than Haslam has owned them, sure. But it is not encouraging that the same guy who’s had final say—or at least veto power—on big personnel moves in the Browns’ putrid recent past is still involved, still issuing commands.

We have gradually come to believe in a sort of Browns Quarterback Uncertainty Principle, where there’s no way to know if a quarterback is truly talented until he joins the Browns, in which case we know he won’t be. The same thing applies to the owner. Haslam loves RGIII? This will end poorly.

Deputy editor | Deadspin