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Ohio Is For Clunkers

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The only problem with the government's Cash for Clunkers program was that after everybody traded in their jalopies (Oh! I get it now) for super awesome jetpacks, dealerships were left with hundreds of broke-down heaps that no one would ever buy. The solution? Turn them into a marching band!

We lined up about one hundred cash for clunkers behind our Kasper Toyota store in Sandusky . Spelled out script Ohio perfectly! Check it out! By the way, The Block "O" flag you see is on the tallest flagpole in the state and it is the largest Block O flag in the world 30' X 60'. The photo is Courtesy of Griffing Flying Service.


The minivan must have been super-psyched to dot the I. But world's largest Block O flag? I guess you've never been to Orestes Destrade's house.

[Thanks Dave!]

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It's Wednesday and September is over? But I haven't even finished my back to school shopping yet.

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