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Ohio State Fans Continue To Scare Everyone On Twitter

Just a few weeks after convicted sex offender Eric Waugh pinged some Ohio State Football recruits on Twitter—which cost the university a prized linebacker prospect—another overzealous Ohio State fan has left the yard.


On Wednesday night, Harrison Watson took to Twitter in order to offer his 2,166 followers a $2,000 bounty if any of them would permanently injure top high school recruit Logan Tillman. Watson's tweet came after Tillman decided to attend Michigan rather than tOSU then tweeted a picture of himself burning his Buckeye scholarship offer. Watson has since deleted his tweet, but it survives online.

After sending the offending tweet, Watson went into damage control mode. He posted an apology letter on his personal website, in which he claimed that his remarks were not meant to offend but were in fact a kind of joke in reference to the Saints bounty scandal. Huh. Watson now says he plans to donate $2,000 to Michigan as further penance, which kind of makes for a nice pair of overreacting bookends. Put a bounty on an 11th-grader's head and then pony up two grand to apologize. Maybe Watson should just step away from Twitter and college football for a bit and find a new hobby. I've heard great things about hot yoga.

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