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One of the nice things about these new O.J. Simpson charges, for journalists, is that it's a helluva lot easier to get Simpson's attorneys on the phone than it was 12 years ago. This is no high priced dream team; this is a guy named Yale from South Jersey, and now he's chatting with AJ Daulerio.

The guy seems sharp, but he's definitely no Johnnie Cochran.

So, right now, do you hate Harvey Levin and for putting the Las Vegas case out there so much? Have they made his life miserable?

Actually, if you want to know the truth, if it was appropriate, I would send Harvey a bottle of champagne and flowers. And chocolates. He has single-handedly discredited my client's two main accusers.The fact that Levin released a portion of the tape that has [one of the accusers] saying "Hey, let me get the number of Lydia at Inside Edition ... we're going to make a fortune off of this ..."

So, O.J. was set up again?

All I'm saying is, the next time I see Harvey, I'm definitely taking him to dinner.


It's a fascinating interview, though if we were Yale, and this thing went to trial, we'd be afraid O.J. was gonna replace us with a black guy.

Daily Examiner Interview: Yale Galanter [The Daily Examiner]

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