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As we reported overnight, OJ Simpson has been found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping. It took them 13 years, but a jury finally got one right. I say when you get away with murder, don't push your luck with robbery and kidnapping. Just a suggestion. Simpson could be facing life in jail. His lawyer, of course, said he would appeal. Here's a breakdown of some post-verdict quotes and facts. • Stated Simpson's lawyer Yale Galanter on Saturday, "This was just payback. They were on an agenda." • Simpson said prior to the verdict, "I'm afraid that I won't get to go to my kids' college graduations after I managed to get them through college." • Said attorney Gloria Allred, who has represented the family of his slain ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. "Justice was delayed, but in this case it was not denied. Now that he may spend the rest of his life in prison, the law, and not O.J. Simpson, will have the last word." • Loyola University law professor Laurie Levenson, who attended Simpson's murder trial, "O.J. was toxic, and he has been toxic since 1994, and this jury was just ready to clean up the mess." • "Was this something to put someone in jail for the rest of their life for? It's a total injustice. There was no justice served in that courtroom," Simpsons friend Tom Scotto said. It seems that the underlying theme here is whether or not Simpson was able to receive a fair trial, to which he is surely entitled. The question is, would he ever receive it? You'd be hard pressed to find a jury in the country that is unfamiliar with his murder trial. That's what happens when you play Russian Roulette with the law. Eventually you're going to catch the bullet.


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