OK, Let's Talk About That Double Dutch Sports Bra Ad

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You know the one. Even if you didn't notice what's being advertised, you noticed the commercial.

It's actually for a Champions sports bra, available at your nearest Sports Authority. I know this because that commercial's ALWAYS on. Or is it? Could it be it's been popping up at a pretty standard rate, but it's the only one I pay close attention to? (Watches ad again. Yeah, that could be it.)

Who's this ad for, anyway? I've only noticed it being run on sporting events, both national and local broadcasts, so you assume it's for the sporty women out there. But how many of them were watching the Knicks game last night? Were there enough women watching football to justify spending the big money of an NFL playoff buy? And if the spot is aimed at women, why the hell am I so hyperaware of it?


Oh, right, the attractive, fit woman in bright pink bouncing up and down for 30 seconds. I guess she looks like she has admirable support, so the bra does its job. But no one's particularly noticing the usefulness of the bra. Which is fine for the advertisers. Maybe I'm not in the market for a sports bra, but damned if the commercial didn't make me think of Champions or Sports Authority, and maybe that'll be in my head when I need to buy some sporting gear. Who says ads don't work? Sometimes they do when BOOBIES.

But let's not even go into the racial aspects of the ad. The shy white girl impresses the black girls at her gym with her Double Dutch skills, complete with obligatory "you go girl!" Really?