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OK, we understand that he had thrown a lot of pitches, and that he had walked five guys, and that the score was 0-0 and that he has been injured enough to need to be coddled a bit.

But we still just threw a blunt object across the room.

For those who aren't checking their GameTracker, Chicago Cubs pitcher Mark Prior was throwing a no-hitter in the bottom of the sixth inning against the Mets. With two outs, he walked Carlos Beltran. Manager Dusty Baker then went to the mound ... and pulled him! Will Ohman then came in and got Carlos Delgado to ground out to keep the no-hitter going.

Yes, yes, we know: The Cubs are in a tight pennant race. (!!!!!) But we're of the belief that went someone has a no-hitter, they stay in the game even if they walk the bases loaded 10 times and give up eight runs. Sorry. It's a no-hitter. We love those things too much.

Grrr. At least the Cubs bullpen is reliable.

(UPDATE: The no-hitter was broken up by a misplayed pop-up. Ah, the Cubs.)