Oklahoma Running Back Rodney Anderson Accused Of Sexual Assault In Protective Order [Update]

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According to ESPN, a protective order has been filed against Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson. The woman who filed the order says that Anderson sexually assaulted her on November 16.

From ESPN:

In the protective order filing, the woman says she was drinking at a bar on Nov. 16 when she met Anderson for the first time. She says she was planning on taking an Uber home, but Anderson’s friends “were insistent that he take” her home.

The woman says that over the weekend, through a conversation with a friend, she started “recalling images and feelings of him forcing his fingers” insider her and biting her. She says she tried to get away to put clothes on, but he followed her and asked what she was doing.


According to Norman News reporter Tyler Palmateer, the order goes on to say that the woman remembers “feeling like I couldn’t get away,” and that she fears for her safety because Anderson knows where she lives. ESPN reports that Anderson has not been charged with any crimes as of this morning. His attorney called the allegation “patently false” in a statement.

Update (11:31 a.m.) Police are investigating the incident:


Update (4:34 p.m.):