Oklahoma State Fans Incensed Over New Lame-Ass Fight Song

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The Oklahoma State Cowboys are unveiling a new pre-game song this year which has some alumni and current students upset due to the tune's overall nonsensical wussiness. Cowboys Forever, y'all.

Here's the email courtesy of ex Okie Stater "Jack" who's very upset about singer-songwriter John Martin's milquetoast anthem:

Click the upper left hand corner and listen. It doesn't really get me fired up for football, but it does make me want to hit someone: John Martin, in the groin. This song will not sound at all dated in 4 years. Anyway, the students and alums (I'm an alum) are pretty pissed about it. There is facebook chatter that this song will get booed in Boone Pickens on game day.


Well, to be fair, Martin didn't want to do just the ordinary rah-rah Garry Glitter crap for his Cowboy tribute. No — he wanted to tell the imaginary story of Pistol Pete.

Early on in the pre-production stage of the project, I thought about one of the many facets that makes OSU different, Pistol Pete. I've always thought that it was very unique that the school's mascot was a real person! Frank Eaton was a larger than life type person, and for this project, I wanted to embrace the story of Pistol Pete. After watching all the video I could find and reading as much information that I could get my hands on about Frank Eaton, I wrote the song "Cowboys Forever". The lyrics are loosely based on the legend of Pistol Pete, setting out to "avenge the blood" of his father.


See? He's like Dylan.

Unfortunately, Martin's craftsmanship and trips to the library to do diligent research on Pistol Pete's vengeful past hasn't converted some OSU students who are mortified about the prospects of this song (and accompanying video) blaring through Boone Pickens Stadium:

From O'Colly.com's comments section:

• Simply put, the songs sucks. As an alumnus of OSU I am appalled that they would use this song at a COWBOY football game. The only COWBOY that will be humming this tune lives on Brokeback Mountain......


• We googled the song and listened. We then came to the verdict that we don't like the song at all. The song resembles the ugly, mongoloid offspring of Cold Play, Kings of Leon, and Tim McGraw. Not only do we believe it belongs on the next installment of Kids Bop, but we find it entirely inadequate to precede anything related to Cowboy football. We as students and avid fans are ashamed that our football program is associated with this song and we would rather listen to a sack full of kittens being murdered than to participate or sing along if Cowboys Forever is played anywhere near Boone Pickens Stadium.

• This song does not pump me up, this song doesn't make me want to do anything, except maybe pick flowers. It makes us sound like we're wanna be cowboys. Not cool!


Poor John Martin. Also, as pointed out many times, OSU already has a very capable songwriter in their extended Cowboy family. Yes, Chris Gaines.

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