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Old Man Wayne Rooney Got His Shit Wrecked

While he may not be carving up defense in MLS like he was during the second half of last season anymore, old man Wayne Rooney is still one of the league’s top scoring threats and teams are still figuring out the best way to stop him. The latest creative attempt came from New England Revolution keeper Matt Turner.

As Rooney seemed to be on a breakaway in the 55th minute of the match, Turner tried to beat the older Englishman to the ball to prevent D.C. United from breaking the 0-0 deadlock. Turner unfortunately missed the ball, but had gained so much momentum from his run towards it that he couldn’t stop himself from trucking Rooney, and getting sent off immediately.

Rooney was understandably unhappy with the hit and described what happened in a bit of an annoyed tone.


“It’s like being in a car crash,” Wayne Rooney told reporters after the game. “I think it’s misjudgment by the goalkeeper. As I turned, I see him right on top of me and it was poor judgement.”

As if to add insult to injury, Rooney was not even able to immediately take advantage of the scoring opportunity he got right after getting knocked to the ground. Backup keeper Brad Knighton was able to stop Rooney from scoring the free kick just outside of the box.

The draw extends D.C. United’s winless streak in Foxborough to eight games, one that extends all the way back to April 2012.

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