What they're saying on the Intertubes about the Dodgers' 7-2 win over the Phillies in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series. Pictured: Third-inning benches-clearing scuffle, as Dodgers' first-base coach Mariano Duncan utters pleasantries to Phillies' first-base coach Davey Lopes. Combined age: 108. Ironic twist: Lopes played nine seasons for the Dodgers, Duncan three seasons for the Phillies. • Jamie Moyer: Chasing A Ring Or Just Dislikes Spending Time With His Wife? . It’s nights like Sunday that make me wonder exactly what keeps Jamie Moyer coming out to the ballpark. Weeks away from his 46th birthday ... what’s left for him to prove? Is it something as simple as the nagging pursuit for personal records or World Series glory? Maybe it’s man’s common denial of his age and the changes it accompanies. Could it be a staving off of weekend farmer’s markets and couples getaways in the orchards of Vermont with the spouses they’ve spent nine-plus months apart from annually for the better part of twenty years? [Bugs And Cranks]• Moyer More Unlucky Than Bad In Game 3. One look at his pitching line in Game 3 of the NLCS in Los Angeles against the Dodgers and you’re forced to conclude that Jamie Moyer was absolute garbage. He’s no stranger to the garbage start either, as he tends to have one every once in a while: September 16, August 26, and May 10, for instance. But if you look a little deeper, you’ll see that Moyer’s failure was due less to his lack of “stuff” and more to bad luck and a successful aggressive approach by the Dodger offense. [Crashburn Alley] • Dodgers Pounce On Moyer Early. The dirty little secret so far in the post-season is that the Phillies’ offense hasn’t been very good, and tonight was no exception. Dodgers pitching held the Phils down, including an 0-for-8 from the top of the order. Jimmy Rollins is now 1-for-13 with 6 strikeouts in the NLCS and has suddenly turned into a complete wimp at the plate. [Beer Leaguer] • Top 10 Things That Are Almost As Manly As A Baseball Fight. In honor of tonight's remarkable ugliness in the third inning of the Dodgers-Phillies game (Kuroda threw over Victorino's head and then both benches cleared and guys looked mad and everything! Then, braying jackasses talked about Bad Blood for the rest of the evening! Oooh, scary!)... [Epic Carnival] • Fox: Redefining Sports Broadcasting. Obviously the weekend ended poorly for Phillies fans after the Dodgers won, 7-2. Perhaps the Los Angeles nine was inspired by the cry of, “Remember Aug. 30!” Clearly, that was the second biggest Built Ford Tough Key to the Game. The Phils’ pregame meal having to come from Losers Only Pizza instead of the proven hometown winner was the biggest part of their loss. Reminds me of a Key to the Game in the last World Series: “If hands were made of metal, he’d be affected by powerful electromagnets buried underneath the field.” [Philadelphia Will Do] • Dodgers Blast Moyer; Phils Lead Series 2-1. Call this one decided almost before Mary Hart’s grating, seizure-inducing squeak could escape my head. Kuroda posed huge problems for the lineup, while Moyer was the kind of pitcher this patient team could tee off against. It didn’t look good in scouting; it didn’t look good in the result. [Phillies Nation] • Big Game Hunting. Despite being a card-carrying member of baseball's Pacifist Society, even I felt the Dodgers had to show some kind of retaliation in the third inning tonight. And the picture to the right is why. This one was heading for Martin's chin if not his eyes, and this was the one that moved the needle beyond intimidation into something worse. This was the one that passed the limit of making excuses, to the point where it seemed clear to everyone that the Phillies did not care whether a Dodger got hurt. Paramount for the Dodgers was to win the game on the field. But until the Dodgers sent a Phillie spinning to the dirt, nothing was going to stop Philadelphia from continuing to make the Dodgers duck and cover. [Dodger Thoughts] • Ouch. Ouch, It Hurts. Oh, yay! Finally, a familiar face. Ah, Kevin Kennedy. Yay! Phew. Kevin and I became friends last season. He has become somewhat of a mentor in my never-ending quest for baseball knowledge. [Touch 'Em All]