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Old Scouting Report On Mark Grace: "The Brothers Love Him"

Diamond Mines is a fantastic site for baseball wonks, as it allows you to look up old scouting reports on major league players. It's also a gold mine for people who want to marvel at some of the truly odd things that scouts used to include in their reports.

Take this report on former Cubs first baseman Mark Grace, filed by Cubs scout Jim Essian in 1987:


OK, so what kind of player do we have here? Great fielder, always alert, graceful—that all sounds nice! What else? Let's see, oh look at this: the brothers love him! Um...what?

Now, it's entirely possible that "the brothers love him" doesn't mean what you think it means. Maybe Essian was friends with two other scouts, who were siblings and commonly referred to as "the brothers," and he wanted the Cubs to know that "the brothers" also thought highly of Grace. That's plausible, right? OK, probably not.

h/t Jackson

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