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Olympian Matt "The Law" Lindland Will Steal Your Weed (Allegedly)

Was it a bad idea for Olympic silver medalist and UFC and Strikeforce veteran Matt Lindland let a dude named Gonzalo Aldana Gamboa grow weed on his Oregon property under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program? Yeah. Probably not as bad an idea as running for local office as a Republican moralist nicknamed "The Law." And definitely not as bad an idea as fighting Robbie Lawler:

But Lindland seems full of bad ideas. After allegedly bogarting Gamboa's crop, The Law is now dealing with a lawsuit. From the Willamete Week:

According to the lawsuit, Gamboa registered the grow site with the state of Oregon and harvested six mature plants last October. Lindland helped load the plants into a U-Haul truck and told Gamboa he was moving them to his shed to dry, the lawsuit says. But when Gamboa returned a month later, Lindland would not allow him to collect his harvest, the lawsuit says.


Don't try that shit in Sinaloa.

JUICY SUITS: Ultimate Fighter Matt 'The Law' Lindland Sued for Alleged Stolen Marijuana [Willamette Week]


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