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On Eve Of Princeton-Harvard Championship, Vikram Spills Tiger Blood

This week we've followed the story of Harvard and Princeton, two storied crew programs, somehow stuck playing a basketball game Saturday for a spot in the NCAA tournament. You've heard from Brad and Vikram, and Jasper and Colin, all smack-talking because Greg Mankiw and Lars Svensson can't do it on their own.


Worry not, though: everything will be answered on the neutral-site court tomorrow, in New Haven. (And the Dicktern will be there!)

Here's sophomore Crimson forward Kyle Casey: "It would've been nice [to avoid a playoff], but it wouldn't have been right. This is the way it should be, and everyone's excited to play them again ... it's definitely going to be a fight."

And until tip-off, we still have Princeton's Vikram, who wishes to respond to Colin:

Dear Colin,

Yes - you're right. I had failed to recognize Harvard's remarkable mediocrity in Ivy League basketball. I knew they'd/you'd (are you a student?) won a share of a title by beating us, but figured they wouldn't be so excited because after all a share is a share and doesn't guarantee a spot in the tournament. But now everything makes sense - the win really was a big deal even though it didn't clinch a tournament spot. 25 Ivy League titles, an NIT championship, and a Final Four appearance from now, you'll understand where I was coming from.

See you Saturday. May the best team's fans storm the court.


Oh, you're burned, Colin. Anyone remember the equations and lab setup to determine his enthalpy through calorimetry?


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