This is the second day in a row and Panamanians continue undaunted. Megaphones, loud music and fireworks are all part of the madness as Canada tries to sleep the night before the qualifier on Tuesday.

On Friday, Canada beat Panama in Toronto and now Panama is out for bloody eardrums.

Panama is pulling out all the stops to avenge Canada's win. On Sunday night, more than 100 Panamanian supporters stood outside the Canadian hotel banging drums, setting off fireworks and inviting passing motorists to honk their horns.

The revelers are back and in greater numbers, it would appear. Destroying virtually every known stereotype, most members of team Canada don't seem to be too bothered by it.


Reports are that on top of local radio stations encouraging the disruptions, and cops turning a blind eye, the Panamanian Football Association tweeted out Canada's hotel location encouraging fans to stop by and make some noise.


Gamesmanship gets taken up a notch.

Boisterous Panama fans greet Canadian soccer team on eve of critical match [CBC]