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So we've been talking for the last couple of days to the people at On The DL, the blind item sports gossip site that claims to have inside info on the cheating ways of countless Major League Baseball players. We initially had some doubts about their verisimilitude, and even though we still advise you to take their claims with a tiny grain of salt, they've also convinced us they're definitely not full of it. In other words: They claim to have "first-hand" knowledge of many of these items, if you know what we mean.

Anyway, we're obviously very excited On The DL exists, so we've made a deal with the editors: We'll keep promoing their site — click! click! click! — and they'll occasionally reveal the person behind the blind item exclusively to Deadspin. That made us happy. As a show of good faith, they've even given us three freebies — so to speak — that we'll be revealing over the next three days; one today, one Monday, one Tuesday.

So: The first one. Here's the original item:

This tall, dark, and handsome National Leaguer is very married... but that doesn't stop him from having his fun. He makes it no secret that he's taken (wife, 2.5 kids, dog, the works) and doesn't even bother to remove his wedding band when he's flirting it up. Maybe he's so used to the relaxed and loose atmosphere of strip clubs — where he's a frequent visitor — that he just forgets...

According to On The DL, our man is none other than Cubs second baseman Todd Walker. This explains why all the one-dollar bills are always falling out of his pocket when he slides.


Vows Are Spoken To Be Broken [On The DL]

(Two more next week ...)