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On The Second Day, Carlos Beltrán's Glove Rose From The Dead

Photo Credit: Bob Levey/Getty

Two days ago, the Houston Astros gathered to lay Carlos Beltrán’s glove to rest. The erstwhile outfielder hadn’t played defense in more than two months, spending his days as a designated hitter instead, and the team put together a nice little ceremony with a priest (Brian McCann), a coffin (a shoebox) and a trio of headstones with nice epitaphs (various career achievements typed in big letters on white paper).


Today, Carlos Beltrán’s glove did the unthinkable—it rose from the dead. For the first time in more than two months, the 40-year-old took back his old spot in left field as Nori Aoki took a day off. Behold! The glove is alive.

The glove did not show any particular signs of wear and tear from its death and subsequent resurrection. (Or, alternately, its presumably uncomfortable experience being buried alive.) Miracles happen.  

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