Once Again, Celtics Fans, It's Time To Panic

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So, here we go again with the Celtics fans freakouts. The Hawks series, which unfathomably went seven games, never really felt in doubt, but this Cavs series is starting to look like serious trouble. Forget those historical comparisons; what would happen to Kevin Garnett's legacy if the Celtics didn't even make the conference finals? Because it could happen.

Let's see how the Celtics blogs are handling it:

Celtics Blog: Reasons to panic:
* The Celtics really, really wanted to win last night, ...and didn't.
* Some of the rotations were head scratchers last night.
* Nobody's really sure that Doc can handle this.
* We're daring the other team's non-stars to beat us, and they are.
* There are 3 all-world players on this team and none stepped up in the 4th.


Celtics 17: Paul Pierce faded, Garnett faded and Ray Allen all faded and the Celtics shot 4 for 15 in the 4th quarter. The defensive intensity was decent - better than Atlanta Game 4 for sure, but it was not fierce. Perhaps the attention to defense sapped some precious energy from the Celtics as they didn't drive and try to score in the paint. Meanwhile, the jump shots were falling short when it mattered.

Green Bandwagon: That was a tough loss to handle and I actually feel very similar to how I felt after Game 4 of Round 1. The scary thing is that Cleveland is coming together as a basketball team that is obviously better and deeper than Atlanta. (Ed. Note: To be fair, that guy only watched the fourth quarter.)


This is now the fourth different time we've mentioned to Celtics fans that it's time to panic. We think they're probably used to it by now.