Forgive us for referencing our column again, but we can't quite get over how dead the Yankees looked in the third inning last night. Whatever your thoughts on George Steinbrenner's "ultimatum" โ€” and we tend to think it's the rantings of a doddering old man who mistakenly let someone end with a notebook โ€” it certainly added a level of intrigue to the game last night and, to our surprise, the Yankees responded.

As we mentioned earlier, we're just glad we have a series to watch now, and we suspect staring Chien-Ming Wang tonight on three days' rest is the right move, using that old "sinkerballers are better when they're tired" maxim that makes theoretical sense, we guess. (Honestly, we don't see how a pitcher can ever be better when they're tired.)

So, let's look at A-Rod, shall we? He's only had one signature moment this series, and it was a strikeout. He had two hits yesterday and started to look like a guy who was coming out of a postseason funk. If he's gonna do it, now's probably the time. That is, if he or Joe Torre even wants to come back next year.

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