One Must Be Careful Of Those Midnight "Inconvenient Truth" Screenings

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You know, if you had told us an NBA player was going to take a couple shots at the White House, we would have thought it would have been Etan Thomas. (We kid Etan Thomas; his political beliefs are sincere, just like his poetry about Abe Pollin's prostate.)


Anyway, former Charlotte Bobcats forward Lonny Baxter was arrested early this morning for firing a number of shots in the general vicinity of the White House. Police say after pulling him over, theysaw "in plain view a number of spent shell cartridges."

Baxter, generously listed as "260 pounds," recently signed with Italian team Montepaschi Siena, which doesn't quite make this an international incident, considering he didn't sign with the Raptors.


Baxter Arrested For Firing Shots Near White House [Reuters]

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(By the way, that photo of Baxter and the President comes from High And Inside. Outstanding find, guys.)