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As some of you might know by now, the gents at Fire Joe Morgan came out of the anonymous blogging closet yesterday and revealed themselves to be: Ken Tremendous (Michael Schur), Junior (Alan Yang), and dak (Dave King). They are all TV writers. You might recognize those names, especially Mr. Tremendous: Michael Schur is a producer and writer for "The Office." In fact ... he's Mose Schrute!

As a general rule, we prefer when bloggers don't go anonymous on us, though we certainly understand when circumstances leave one no other choice. But anyone who has read Fire Joe Morgan over the years realized those guys were too good not to be writing professionally somewhere.


We do hope this doesn't turn into one of those lame, "hey, love your blog, man ... and I'm trying to get into Hollywood, so could you read this script?" type of things. We have faith in the general reading populace.

But more to the point: Mose Schrute is a sports blogger! God, they have to end this writer's strike soon: We want to see Ken Tremendous playing ping pong again.

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