Sports Illustrated put out a list of the 15 greatest college athletes of all-time, and I had no idea that some of the people on the list were as versatile as they were. We know about Bo Jackson and Charlie Ward, of course. But I had no idea that sprinter Marion Jones was on a UNC basketball team that went 92-10 when she was there. I didn't know that Dave Winfield was a stud basketball player for Minnesota. And apparently, Bob Golic was a hell of a wrestler.

Here's the list, 1-15. Feel free to make your own additions and criticisms. Myself, I'd like to see Mike Cooper somewhere on the list, for his scrolling/stroking/looking-over-the-shoulder technique. I've yet to see it matched. Thankfully.

1. Jim Brown
2. Jackie Robinson
3. Bo Jackson
4. Charlie Ward
5. Deion Sanders
6. Dave Winfield
7. Marion Jones
8. Jackie Joyner-Kersee
9. Raghib Ismail
10. Brian Jordan
11. Wilt Chamberlain
12. Bob Golic
13. John Elway
14. Jeff Samardzija
15. Julius Peppers

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