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One Of The Worst Penalty Misses You'll See

The great thing about soccer announcers is the brutal honesty. They are a close second to golf announcers, who also never pull any punches, but do so in a whisper that is so incongruous with what they're saying you can't help laughing. Soccer doesn't have to worry about the niceties of golf, though, so we get Tony Jones and Tony Gale absolutely murdering Jason Puncheon after a brutal penalty miss.

Early on in a Premier League matchup between Tottenham and Crystal Palace, Puncheon launched what seemed like a fairly straightforward penalty kick "absolutely miles wide and high over the bar" for a pretty devastating miss for Crystal Palace. Let's see what else the Tonys had to say about it:

  • It's a dreadful miss.
  • Jason Puncheon has blown it.
  • It's an awful strike.
  • Look at that, ugh.
  • It's an awful penalty.
  • One of the worst I've seen.
  • That's a terrible strike.

Here's a bonus headline: "Jason Puncheon endangers International Space Station with shocking penalty against Tottenham."


Tottenham beat Crystal Palace 2-0.

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