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As close as this series has been so far, we're just one Pistons victory away from it being totally lopsided. They've been so close on the road, most people believe the Cavs will be able to take at least a game at home. Except for Rasheed Wallace, who would lead you to believe that if the Pistons try, the Pistons win.


Asked after Game 2 what the Pistons did to crush the Cavs in the 3rd quarter, Rasheed said this:

Just played a little bit harder. That first half we played somewhat hard, but that second half, the first five, six minutes in that third quarter we came out and had to play hard. They were up 12. We couldn't let that get any higher. We couldn't let that move to 18 or 20 and so on. It's like, hey, we've got to go out there the first five minutes, take what they give us and just be aggressive.


So, depending on how much effort the Pistons feel like giving, after tonight, the series will be as close as it can possibly be, or a 3-0 formality. And in the links below, a bunch of LeBron stuff ... none of which has anything to do with his on-court play.

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