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Illustration for article titled One Time, At Football Camp, Players Came Down With a Rare Soft-Tissue Condition

Via The Oregonian:

Ten McMinnville High School (Oregon) football players remained hospitalized Saturday as they were treated for a rare soft-tissue condition after participating in an "immersion camp" at the school last week.

The players are suffering from "compartment syndrome" — soreness and swelling — that affects their triceps. They have received intravenous fluids to ward off a potential kidney disorder, according to Dr. Craig Winkler, who is treating seven of the players. ... "The reason we're treating these players so aggressively is to prevent renal disease," Winkler said. "If it's significant enough, it could actually end up in dialysis."

McMinnville School District officials continue to investigate the cause of the condition. Superintendent Maryalice Russell said Friday that she didn't believe the workout prescribed by first-year coach Jeff Kearin was excessive.


Two McMinnville players released; others 'waiting for the numbers to drop' [The Oregonian]

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