We've purposely made the thumbnail picture as small as we can, because what follows, after the jump, from the Kentucky-Florida game this weekend, is disturbing and Not Safe For Work. There. You have been warned.

Reader "The Diesel" writes in:

Longtime UK fan but in all my years at Commonwealth Stadium, I've never seen this.

Here's the deal. 8:00 mark, 1st quarter, UK up a touchdown. Most people celebrate with high-fives and rocksplosions.

But the couple in front of me...not so much. They celebrate by straight up finger-banging. that's how we roll in the bluegrass.

My girlfriend alerted me first of this hot public action. Then the chick to my left elbowed me pointing with disgust at the table-turning in the pants. (Apparently women can hear other women's belt buckle coming undone.)


Then, basically, me and 32 others in the section watched with shock-and-awe for the next 3 minutes as this M.I.L.F. got her shit on.

And, yes, there are photos.